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Manson NSP-3630 Switch-Mode Bench Power Supply Teardown

Manson NSP-3630 Switch-Mode Power Supply

Some time ago Mike from Mike’s Electric Stuff (YouTube: mikeselectricstuff) did a review of Tenma 72-8345 – 1 to 36V, 0 to 3A adjustable switch mode bench power supply. I needed additional power supply for stuff that I do, and so after Mike’s review I bought Manson NSP-3630 which is exactly the same power supply …

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Why You Don’t Want To Buy a Cheap Alarm (Motorcycle Alarm Teardown)

This time I’ve got my hands on a very cheap motorcycle alarm with remote start capability. Here I will show you why you don’t ever want to buy a cheap alarm for your car/motorcycle and also will give you explanation on what makes it tick.

Mean Well NES-15-12 Power Supply Teardown

Mean Well it’s a Taiwanese manufacturer of power supplies. They offer a very broad range of switching power supplies ranging from cheap and simple models to more sophisticated models with lots of features and good component base. Here I’ll be taking apart their bottom of the range NES-15-12 (datasheet) 15 watts, 12 volts single output …

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UNI-T UT325 Thermometer Teardown

In the review of this thermometer I said that it was a weird Chinese product. And here’s why: despite of the poor firmware and software functionality it has pretty interesting and very “hackable” innards. Let’s begin..

Samson C01U USB Microphone Teardown

One of the best ways to learn electronics is to see how someone else, more experienced designed something. Whether you’ll disassemble some device or will see some schematic or design – it gives you invaluable experience. In many cases you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just use already known design cliche and only if …

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