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Hacking Insulin Syringe Into a Logic Probe

Recently I needed some sort of probe to reliably stick onto a tiny .5mm pitch IC pins. My scope probe was a bit unwieldy for that. Not sharp enough either. And so I came up with this probe from a tiny insulin syringe. It is extremely sharp, so it’s really easy to pierce through oxidation …

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Why You Don’t Want To Buy a Cheap Alarm (Motorcycle Alarm Teardown)

This time I’ve got my hands on a very cheap motorcycle alarm with remote start capability. Here I will show you why you don’t ever want to buy a cheap alarm for your car/motorcycle and also will give you explanation on what makes it tick.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Reverse-Engineering (Codyson CD-7810)

My Ultrasonic Cleaner that served me well for a couple of years, suddenly decided to quietly leave this world… And so I reverse-engineered it’s schematic!

Links To Electronic-Related Websites

Some time ago, after I started adding stuff to EEVBlog wiki page (http://eevblog.com/wiki), I thought why not to make a post about electronic-related websites that I like. So, here’s my portion of links to electronic-related resources that I find interesting and useful: Video-Based Blogs: EEVblog(www.eevblog.com) – Tutorials, equipment reviews, live shows, etc. Afrotechmods – Lots …

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