How To Make Nice Looking DIY Front Panel

Want to make really nice looking front panel for your next DIY project? Then you’re in the right place!

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Manson NSP-3630 Switch-Mode Bench Power Supply Teardown

Some time ago Mike from Mike’s Electric Stuff (YouTube: mikeselectricstuff) did a review of Tenma 72-8345 – 1 to 36V, 0 to 3A adjustable switch mode bench power supply.

I needed additional power supply for stuff that I do, and so after Mike’s review I bought Manson NSP-3630 which is exactly the same power supply as Tenma 72-8345, made by the same OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) – Manson.

I can’t add much more to what Mike said in his review, but if you want to see high-res photos of internals of this power supply – you’re in the right place.

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Converting ATX Power Supply to Lab Bench Power Supply F.A.Q.

Since I’m receiving at least a couple of questions each day about my tutorial video on Converting Computer ATX Power Supply to Lab Bench Power Supply and I can’t answer them all, I thought it’s time to answer to the most frequently asked questions. If you think that I forgot to highlight some important question(s), you can write that in the comments below.
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Hacking Insulin Syringe Into a Logic Probe

Recently I needed some sort of probe to reliably stick onto a tiny .5mm pitch IC pins. My scope probe was a bit unwieldy for that. Not sharp enough either. And so I came up with this probe from a tiny insulin syringe. It is extremely sharp, so it’s really easy to pierce through oxidation coating or even through a solder mask.

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Why You Don’t Want To Buy a Cheap Alarm (Motorcycle Alarm Teardown)

This time I’ve got my hands on a very cheap motorcycle alarm with remote start capability. Here I will show you why you don’t ever want to buy a cheap alarm for your car/motorcycle and also will give you explanation on what makes it tick.

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Mean Well NES-15-12 Power Supply Teardown

Mean Well it’s a Taiwanese manufacturer of power supplies. They offer a very broad range of switching power supplies ranging from cheap and simple models to more sophisticated models with lots of features and good component base. Here I’ll be taking apart their bottom of the range NES-15-12 (datasheet) 15 watts, 12 volts single output power supply.

All right, let’s take a closer look

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How to Choose a Switching Power Supply For Your Next Project

Sometimes selecting a switching mode power supply for your project is no easy task, but information provided here would get you started. In this article I will tell you about most important things you need to know about switching mode power supplies (SMPS) (or just Switching Power Supplies – SPS).

So, let’s begin!

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Cheap DC-DC and AC-DC Converters Automated Efficiency Measurement Method

Well, the thing is – now you can easily buy DC-DC converter chips for less than $0.2 in relatively small quantities. And because of that, and because different voltages required by microcontrollers and other chips – you can find yourself putting two or even more DC-DC converters on a single board.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner Reverse-Engineering (Codyson CD-7810)

My Ultrasonic Cleaner that served me well for a couple of years, suddenly decided to quietly leave this world…

And so I reverse-engineered it’s schematic!

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ATtiny2313 Based Thermostat Final Update

Finally, I had some time to do video on my thermostat project, and to upload all the project files.

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